Makeshift Christmas II

by Apres Pompeii

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A new christmas album packed with holiday goodness! Five original songs, five covers, one festive experience.


released December 1, 2011

Zack Taylor Weiss: all instrumental/vocal arrangements and performances


all rights reserved



Apres Pompeii Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Always forward, that is the mantra.
Apres Pompeii is currently entering a new era. Gospels is an ongoing project that will take form over the whole of 2013. With a full length album and seven EPs planned for the year, the path to its completion will undoubtedly be long and toilsome. This project’s focus is on the internal struggles and relationships that inform the way we interact with the world. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas

Last year we were wrapped in red
This year, we’re covered in gray
The snow that lit up your face
Was replaced by freezing rain

I can’t seem to get over you
I don’t know how I’ll make it through this

Blue Christmas
Without you

Well that’s fine alright
I’ll have more room under the tree
I won’t cry all night
And beg for you to come back to me

I still can’t seem to get over you
Somehow I’m gonna make it through this

Blue Christmas
Without you
Track Name: Evergreen

Home in this worn out apartment
Wrapping your gifts on the carpet
I wish I could give you the world
Everything you ever wanted

And we save for food, we have nothing left
I say
Give all we have expect nothing back
I say

One day, you’ll have it all
You’ll want for nothing my love
One day, we’ll have a tree,
And lights, and everything,
One day, the wreaths on the wall
Won’t be lined with garberdeen
Baby we’ll be evergreen

Stockings hung out on the rusty fire escape
With the lights around the rail
Their paled by the city lights,
But their better than nothing, you say

Oh Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining
Fall on your knees
Track Name: Candlelight

It’s been years since I’ve felt anything
I have fears that this means anything
I always spend Christmas alone
Well, not alone, but alone

I’m going under

And ever year, washed in candle light
I see you singing Silent Night
And I feel at home once again
If it’s only for a moment, it’s a moment
I fear I’m becoming the snow

When the light shines on me
I will melt away (I’m going under)

It’s been years since I’ve felt anything
I have fears that this means anything
Sing it to me softly, let the light flicker and play
Then blow the candle out.
Track Name: Porch Light Swinging
Porch Light Swinging

Travelled through the ice and snow
to make it home
Travelled in my winter coat
to make it home

Maybe that's the best that I can do
coming home empty handed
Maybe that's the best that I can do
Coming home late to my front porch

Ohhh, with that porch light swinging

Stockings hung and chimney strung
with all the lights
Candles in the windows look
like fireflies

and it's calling me in
with that porch light swinging

And all that I can see
is my family gathered round the tree;
And all I long to see
is that porch light swinging over me
And all I long to see
are my cousins running round with glee
And all I long to be
is laughing over cups of coffee
And all i long to see
is that snow falling quietly
All I long to see
is my family on Christmas eve

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